3 reasons why you should activate your iCloud


iCloud is gaining popularity as a medium for storing data online. Here are three reasons why you should activate you iCloud today.

Great iCloud features


iCloud has many great features which includes as two-step verification, Find my iPhone, iTunes Match, etc. With two-step verification, you can have extra security. The Find My iPhone feature can track you phone, iOS and Macs. So, in case, your phone is lost, you can easily track your phone. The iTunes Match lets you store a large music on your iCloud. So, you can listen to your favorite music anytime.

Share Photos across devices using Photo Stream


The Photo Stream feature of iCloud sync lets you share photos across devices using Photo Stream. This feature lets you upload all photos to your iCloud that you take using devices. Photo Stream allows you to sync photos on iCloud to your Apple TV and Mac. With Photo Stream, you can store at most 1,000 recent photos and keep them there for 30 days. This time period is enough to create backup of your photos to a permanent storage.

Sync your contacts, calendars and reminders across all devices


You can sync data via iCloud. Turn on the iCloud sync for contacts, calendars and reminders. This will let you sync your contacts, reminders and calendars across all your devices. You can also connect your social media accounts to your Contacts.

You can get logged out of your iOS device. This happens mostly for 2 main reasons: you could forget your passcode and find it impossible to remember. Or you could have bought your device from someone else and the iCloud details of the previous owner would prevent you from setting up your iCloud account. If you find yourself in one of these two scenarios here are some instructions that explain how to unlock your iPhone iCloud account.

iCloud allows you to store large amount of data. These data can easily be downloaded whenever necessary. iCloud has the right approach to services such as storing photos, data, songs, etc. iCloud is constantly upgrading their services and making it better.

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