7 steps to install an antivirus software on your Windows


Antivirus software is an essential thing that you need to install in your computer. Here are the steps to install an antivirus software on your windows.

Understand the need for an antivirus program

Windows is very vulnerable to virus attacks. It has the most users, but the weakest built-in security. Antivirus software will safeguard your computer from malware that comes through websites, email, flash drives, downloads, etc.

Get an antivirus program

There are many popular free antivirus software available that can do a great job in protecting your computer. If you are a frequent user of computer, then you should get more powerful paid software. If you are downloading antivirus software online, make sure you download it from a trusted source. Read reviews about the software before downloading it.

Install the antivirus program

You must make sure that no other programs are running while you install the antivirus. Some free antivirus programs have packed toolbars which gives added protection.

Update the program

You must reboot your computer after updating the program in your computer. You should make sure that you download the latest version of the antivirus software. Many antivirus software automatically updates; but if your software doesn’t then make it a habit to update it once a week.

Scan your computer

After your program has been installed and updated, you need to scan your computer. This might take a long time and depends on the number of files that are being scanned and the speed of the computer.

Set a scan schedule

Automated antivirus programs are most effective. Open the settings option of your antivirus software and select the Schedule option. Fix a specific time of the week when your computer will be scanned.

Keep Windows updated

You must keep your copy of Windows up-to-date. Microsoft releases security updates for Windows regularly. You need to be aware of these releases and update your Windows.

These steps are very simple and you can easily install antivirus software on your Windows. It is very important to update your software on a regular basis in order to keep your data safe.

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